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Titan 3535 Grip Hockey Stick - Good Gear Hockey Equipment

Titan 3535 Grip Hockey Stick

Titan 3535 Grip Hockey Stick



  • Very well-balanced and great-feeling stick
  • Stiff blade for maximum control on all shots
  • Propietary weave throughout the shaft to improve torsional stiffness
  • Full-grip stick
  • Iconic hockey brand

Introducing Titan’s best composite stick to date, the Titan TPM 3535. This stick marks a new day for the Titan brand. It’s lightweight, perfectly balanced, strong in all the right places and feels great on the ice.

The proprietary composite weave throughout the shaft provides torsional stiffness for the type of accuracy that puts it on par with many of the top-end sticks of other brands. The reinforced blade resists flexing and gives added control when shooting or puck handling.