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CCM QuickLite 270 Hockey Elbow Pads Senior - Good Gear Hockey Equipment

CCM QuickLite 270 Hockey Elbow Pads Senior

CCM QuickLite 270 Hockey Elbow Pads Senior



The CCM QuickLite 270 Hockey Elbow Pads features a 3-piece design with Dry Foam technology that absorbs less sweat to keep the elbow pad lightweight. The bicep guard attaches to the elbow pad by a hinged design to maximize arm flexibility and the forearm guard allows extra flexion with its separated design. 

The bicep guard uses lightweight molded EVA foam construction with a plastic reinforcement for additional protection. This design also integrate vents in the bicep guard to let air flow through as a cooling mechanism. In the forearm guard, a molded PE cap and plastic wrap reinforces the protection with a locking nylon strap to secure the 270 pad in place. CCM uses their JDP Construction in the elbow cap itself to redirect the energy from impacts away from the sensitive elbow joint. 

On the interior, the QuickLite 270 elbow pads features an elbow donut that ensures the elbow pad stays in place