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CLAMP ON NOODLE is a Foam Insert that will protect edges bedframes, posts, etc. 

With the clamp on noodle you can be protected from bumps and bruises of hard edges.  

  • Clamp On Noodle; Flex Connex thick pool noodles come clamp ready; With a convenient clip on design, this two pack of foam edge guards are designed for baby proofing and other protection; No tools required to install these toddler bed bumpers
  • SAFE; Each clamping foam noodle has undergone rigorous quality controls and is safe for your baby or toddler; Our bumper guards feature thick, absorbant foam to protect against bumps and shocks; If we wouldn’t use the bumper pads set ourselves, we won’t sell it
  • VERSATILE; Aside from child protection, use our clamp on foam tubing to guard your car roof racks from scratches or as edge rail protection for boats; You can even use it as a foam ladder protector to guard your shins against scrapes or trampoline protection for kids
  • LARGE; Simply trim your Flex Connex foam tube to the size you require; Each swim noodle measures about 60 x 3.5 inches; The diameter of the internal hole of the padding protection is one inch across
  • FUN; Our foam noodles aren’t just for bump protection; Use them as lake toys , beach floats for adults and kids or even swimming pool toys ; However you choose to use our swimming pool noodle floats , Flex Connex has got you covered