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CCM Extreme Flex II Int. Goalie Stick - Good Gear Hockey Equipment

CCM Extreme Flex II Int. Goalie Stick

CCM Extreme Flex II Int. Goalie Stick



CCM Extreme Flex II Hockey Goalie Stick ‑ Intermediate





The legendary CCM name continues its dominance with the introduction of the all-new Extreme Flex Pro II goal stick!


The CCM Extreme Flex II is designed to meet the needs of pros as it is the lightest and most well balanced stick CCM has ever made.


Using a unique new hybrid paddle and shaft design, the Extreme Flex II goal stick begins with a new thin paddle design. The lightweight urethane foam core provides exceptional feel and control and minimizes stick vibrations upon impact. The paddle is reinforced with both fiberglass and carbon fiber laminates, improving durability against any level of shots while remaining incredibly light with a true pro feel.


The blade is constructed of the same continuous urethane foam core as the paddle, however is reinforced with a full graphite blade for added stiffness upon impact, resulting in exceptional feel and puck control.


New for the CCM stick line, the urethane foam core paddle is complimented with a full composite handle, taking advantage of technologies perfected in the CCM line of player’s sticks. The result is a stick that is extremely lightweight and well balanced while remaining remarkably consistent.

For the goalie looking for a lightweight, composite feel while remaining durable like a foam core, the CCM Extreme Flex II goal stick is an excellent choice