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CCM Tacks Youth Grip Composite Hockey Stick - Youth

CCM Tacks Youth Grip Composite Hockey Stick - Youth


The CCM Tacks youth hockey stick is designed with the youth or new-to-the-sport young player in mind. When learning a sport, young players need great coaching, and they’re even better off with equipment and gear designed to help them develop the proper technique to position them for success. Any youth player will enjoy the benefits of several thoughtful features in the Tacks youth stick, aimed at promoting good habits.

  • Shaft geometry designed to promote stickhandling and shooting development
  • Blade technology that provides both the stiffness and feel needed for accurate passing and shooting
  • Full grip to provide the locked-in grip necessary for proper skill development

Two of the most important skills any young hockey player must master are stickhandling and shooting. The shaft of the Tacks youth stick is designed specifically to improve these skills. The new design will help young skaters hold their sticks correctly, an important foundation for accurate shooting and effective stickhandling.

The blade design on the Tacks youth stick also helps young players develop their feel for the puck. The blade is stiff enough to help youth players lift the pick, but also gives them enough feel to help develop proper stickhandling and passing techniques with more control and accuracy.

The Tacks youth model includes a full grip to help young players control their sticks. When a new player has a firm, locked-in grip, the stick is less likely to twist and turn in their hands—and when the stick is more stable, passes and shots are more accurate.

Thanks to the thoughtful design features CCM has built into the new Tacks youth ice hockey stick, young players have more than just a small-sized stick—they have a tool that will help them develop some of the most important, basic skills they’ll need for a long and successful career.